Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

We provide a ministry of care and healing of the soul as part of the church’s commitment to be involved in Christ’s caring ministry. We seek to bring Christ’s care and love and healing to individuals in their specific circumstances and situations of need. Pastoral care to the congregation is offered through the following ways:

a. Visitation

  • Visits to share in the joy of new births
  • Visits to those who are not well at home or in hospital.
  • Visit to bring holy communion to those who are homebound and unable to come to church.

b. Counselling

  • Visits and counsel to those who have lost a loved one.
  • Counseling for members who want help to work through the problems they are struggling with.
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support to individuals going through crisis or times of transition through compassionate listening and prayer.

c. Spiritual Direction
Spiritual direction for those who want a prayerful companion to reflect deeply with on their experiences of daily life, to recognize God’s presence and grace in their lives or to deepen their prayer life or to have a closer relationship with God.

d. Retreats
Providing retreat opportunities for individuals to encounter and experience God through prayer, silence and solitude.

If you require any of the above pastoral services, please contact church office @ 62851234 or email

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