In the Church

In the church
If you are interested in getting involved in church-life, please fill in the form below. Thank you




Please tick the ministry you are interested to serve in:
* Registration for this ministry is open ONLY through recommendation by your respective pastor and/or cell group leader.
** Registration for this ministry is open ONLY when there is a recruitment drive.

Ministries Commitment Ministries Commitment
Audio Crew 1/week Children's Ministry (Assistant cell leaders) 1/week
Band 1/week Children's Ministry (Cell leaders) 1/week
Choir 1/week Stage Manager 1/week
Editors 1/week Technical Producer 1/week
Ensemble 1/week Ushers 1/week
Floral Stewards 1/week Video Cameraman 1/week
Graphic Designer 1/week Video Editor 1/week
Holy Communion Helphers 1/week Video Mixer 1/week
Musicians 1/week Vocalists 1/week
Organist 1/week Web Programmers 1/week
Photographer 1/week Writers 1/fortnight
Pianist 1/week Youth (Communications) 1/week
Producer 1/week Youth (Intercessors) 1/week
Projectionist 1/week Youth (Ushers) 1/week
Youth (Worship & Music) 1/week


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