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“and all the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you.” – Genesis 12:3

We are a people blessed to bless the nations, doing whatever it takes to fulfill the Great Commission in reaching out to unreached people groups.

Transforming the community and the nations – Each One Reaches One – by moving in Power and Love towards GOD and our neighbour.

We have three focused areas in our missions thrust and they are South East Asia, the Mekong Region and East Asia. We focus on reaching out to the three gateway peoples in these areas who, when reached, are likely to go forth and reach other near culture unreached peoples groups throughout the three regions mentioned above.

PLMC members go through a missions Education, Exposure and Equipping track called the 123Go Missions Track (based on Genesis 12:3) which helps them discover their role in God’s global purpose of reaching the unreached.

There are four stages in the tract which aims to build our members as faithful senders, effective advocates, passionate mobilisers, culminating towards obedient goers / missionaries / tentmakers who are prepared for a minimum term of three years in the field.
Missionaries / tentmakers in training must be cell leaders with a proven track record as our mission strategy is primarily through cell planting and reproduction – the basis for a church planting movement among an unreached people group. Are you ready to discover your role as a World Christian?

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South East Asia

South East Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia. It also consists of two geographic regions: Mainland Southeast Asia, comprising Brunei, East Malaysia, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Philippines, Christmas Island and Singapore.


The major religions are Islam and Buddhism, followed by Christianity. However, a wide variety of religions are found throughout the region, including many Hindu and animist-influenced practices.

PLMC supports 1 National Worker and other works by other organizations, in this region.



The Greater Mekong spans Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern province of Yunnan in China.
The landscapes of this vast area are just as diverse as the countries that it enshrines, from dusty savannahs to dense rainforests, and from slow-moving rivers to icy torrents.
Currently, PLMC supports 4 missionaries and their family in the Mekong region. There are other works that the volunteers of PLMC also supports.

East Asia

East Asia is a subregion of Asia that can be defined either geographically or in cultural terms. Geographically and geopolitically, it covers about 12,000,000 km2 (4,600,000 sq mi), or about 28% of the Asian continent, about 15% bigger than the area of Europe.

missions-EastAsia2The UN subregion of Eastern Asia and other common definitions of East Asia contain the entirety of the People’s Republic of China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan.

missions-EastAsia3Culturally, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam are commonly seen as being encompassed by cultural East Asia. Currently, we are supporting 1 National worker and some other works around the region.


Every potential missionary will go through his/her stages of growth through education. This will first start at the Cell Group level and then concurrently going through courses that are offered – either in-house or by organisations.

Members are encouraged to attend the below two courses:

1) Empowered to Influence

missions-Education1The call of the Lord Jesus Christ for every believer to be effective salt and light everywhere, and anytime, is an urgent one. Whether we are in the setting of a family, community, or society, we are called to live out the Kingdom values of righteousness, peace and joy, so that we may impact lives for the glory of our Heavenly Father and His Kingdom.
In Empowered to Influence, you will discover how the seven life-changing paradigm shifts have transformed the life and ministry of the author, Ken Chua, and how they may be applied in your life. Each of the paradigm shifts is peppered with Ken’s personal experiences and real-life encounters. Empowered to influence powerfully demonstrates how each and every committed believer, coming together as the Body of Christ, can truly unlock his or her potential and unleash a full measure of godly influence in the marketplace.
Next course: Coming Soon

2) Kairos

missions-Education2KAIROS is an exciting 9 lesson, interactive course that looks at our world from “God’s perspective”. The KAIROS ‘journey’ explores the Purpose and Plan of God from Genesis to the End of the Age!

KAIROS will inspire, motivate and mobilize you and your local church to explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of Christian World Mission and to identify your part and place in the growth and expansion of God’s kingdom worldwide.

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Awareness of missions are made through Missions Connect that are conducted periodically by the various region champions. Besides that, Short Term Missions trips either individually or with your Cell Group will expose you to learn more about missions on-the-job!

New updates coming up for last quarter of 2014

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Members who avail themselves to serve alongside our missionaries / tentmakers on short term basis will have to undergo in-house training.

1) Missions Preparatory Course
This compulsory pre-trip training session is designed to prepare and equip church members who going or planning to go on missions trips. The course will give a better understanding of what is involved in cross cultural missions trips.

2) Missions Team Leaders Training
All potential team leaders will have to attend this training which will prepare them to lead and mentor effective missions trips. The session focus on effective field leadership and affective mentoring. It is compulsory for all mission trip leaders to attend.

For more information, please contact our church office at 6285 1234 or email


123Go is an all-age missions track that prepares PLMC members, youths and children to be a family concerned and committed to God’s global plan to bless the nations, beginning with our three focused gateway unreached people groups.

The 123Go Track is based on Genesis 12:3 and prepares PLMC to be “A Family Blessed to Bless the Nations.”

Four phases in the track:

Track Phase Goal
G1 Being a faithful Sender Discover how you can be an informed and faithful sender who prays, gives and cares for missionaries consistently.
G2 Being an effective Advocate Learn to be an effective missions advocate – one who actively initiates or champions missions in your fields of interest or expertise. This can range from research on people groups, prayer circles, starters or catalyst for business platforms, fund raising & management, missionary care, misisonary kids education…the list goes on!
G3 Being a passionate Mobiliser Be a passionate missions mobiliser – one who actively recruits others along in the missions vision of the church. Learn to lead and mentor G1 & G2 mission teams or help out with Youth and Kids 123Go programmes.
GO! Being an obedient Goer Be equipped and sent as an obedient missionary/tentmaker of PLMC to bless the nations in partnership with missions agencies.

For more information, please contact our church office at 6285 1234 or email

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