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English Service
The ROAD Into God's Word
22-May-2022 Reloading soon due to technical error Matthew 11:28-30 Pastor Kong Hee
15-May-2022 Our Father Who Art In Heaven Luke 15:11-24 Rev Reuben Ng
08-May-2022 The Power of Love & Forgiveness Matthew 6:14-15 Ps Judith Halim
01-May-2022 Pressing On For The Crown 2 Timothy 4:1-8 Rev Joey Chen
Mandarin Service
'Living Stones' Mandarin Service
22-May-2022 靠主得胜的信心 约翰福音 21:1-14 李沙龙弟兄
15-May-2022 蒙差遣的信心 马太福音 28:16-20 黄雅春传道
08-May-2022 给母亲的圣经原则 提后 3:15,出 2:1-3 陈俊宝牧师
01-May-2022 遇见耶稣 路加福音 24:13-35 韩秋华姐妹
Youth Service
Empowering our youths into God's Word
21-May-2022 Joy In Christ Philippians 1:19-26 Rev Daniel Joseph
14-May-2022 Joy In Christ Philippians 1:10-18 Rev Joey Chen
07-May-2022 Joy in Christ (1) Philippians 1:1-9 Rev Joey Chen
30-Apr-2022 The Spirit-Led Life Romans 8:1-17 Mr Adriel Loh