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English Service
The ROAD Into God's Word
20-Sep-2020 Midnight Melody Acts 16:25-34 Rev Reuben Ng
13-Sep-2020 Deeper in Spirit 1: The Holy Spirit in the Synoptic Gospels Luke 4:16-21 Rev Dr Kow Shih Ming
06-Sep-2020 The God I Know Acts 17 Rev Jacob Lim
30-Aug-2020 Deeper In Community: Love Never Gives Up 1 Corinthians 13:7-8a Rev Dr Kow Shih Ming
Mandarin Service
'Living Stones' Mandarin Service
20-Sep-2020 更深,更远 - 新的季节 以赛亚书 43:18-19 黄雅春传道
13-Sep-2020 神的家族, 成长的根基 以弗所书; 3:16-19 钱进伦传道
06-Sep-2020 解开,叫他走! 约翰福音 11 陈赞美牧师博士
30-Aug-2020 完全的爱 哥林多前书 13:4-7 黄雅春传道