Connecting with our Teens

Serene Chia/

This half day workshop is for our parents to discover how we may empathise, understand and connect with their teens aged 11 to 18 years old. Helmed by Tan Mok Sang and Choi Chik Cheong, 90 participants joined the two workshops on 7 January and 11 March 2017.

The workshop were well received by the participants and here some of the feedback from the participants:

We gain more understanding about what a normal/typical teen feels. We discovered that the challenges we are going through is not uncommon or unusual. We gain some guidance on how to effectively connect with our teens.

I should avoid performance-based love and love my son for who he is.

I find comfort to be reminded that my teenagers need for personal space is not a rejection of me, that my place is to be supportive, just being there for my child.

I am learning and accepting that eventually I have to let go of my child.

As parents we can be wrong in using the past methods and we need to change our strategies in connecting with our teenagers.

The 4 case studies are relevant to our culture and they mirror the real situation that we are facing as parents.

The small group discussions provided a safe, supportive environment to know I am not alone with my struggles.

This workshop will be conducted again in the first quarter of 2018. Do look out for the details then.

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