Courage to Pray for a Stranger

On 1 July 2014, my friend, Sui, and I met for lunch at Ang Mo Kio Hub.While walking in the mall, we talked about the sermon we had heard on 29 June 2014. We asked each other how we were to be the “light in the world”, but neither of us had an answer. Then we noticed a man near us who looked very pale and unwell. We asked him how he was and he said that he felt very weak. He had just finished his night shift and felt that the problem was with his blood pressure. We asked him where he lived and learned that it was nowhere near Ang Mo Kio. I found myself asking him: “Are you a Christian? Would you like me to pray for you?” He replied: “No, I am not a Christian. Okay, you can pray for me”. I said a short prayer for God our Heavenly Father to protect and strengthen him. When I opened my eyes, I saw many people watching me. The man thanked me. We asked him to sit and rest at a nearby stall, and went on our way. After awhile, we turned back and saw that he had begun walking steadily out of the mall. Praise God! Hallelujah! My friend, Sui, said: “Wow! Where did you get the courage to pray for that stranger?” I can only declare: “God is so good! He has shown me how to shine for Jesus in my daily activities. Praise the Lord!”- Daisy Leong

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