Don’t live as those who have no hope,
 All our hope is found in Him.

Following a major restructuring impacting my organization 2 months ago, I sensed it was time to move from my existing role of 4 years. My headhunters suggested senior job openings in 2 companies (A and B). I had many apprehensions. Furthermore, I had recently applied for a few junior roles without success. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try. After Sunday service on 13 Aug 2017, I requested Pastor Wendy Tay to pray for my upcoming interviews with Companies A and B.

It was my first time meeting Pastor Wendy in person and I did not share my apprehensions with her; I was surprised when she suddenly shared (halfway through the prayer) that God wants me to:
1. Trust Him in my job search
2. Remove negative beliefs that God may not provide for me
3. Stop thinking that I have to create multiple backup plans (just in case God does not provide).

These words pierced deep into my heart; I knew instantly that these words came from God who wanted to assure me that He is in control. My faith was soon tested; due to last minute work commitments, I was an hour late for the interview with CEO, COO and CHR of Company B; while they agreed to postpone it, I believed I must have created a bad impression with the senior management. When I finally managed to attend the interview a month later, it ended abruptly in about 30 minutes. The CEO (whom I would be reporting to, if I got the job) did not ask me any questions during the whole interview. I concluded that I must have flopped the interview because interviews for such senior roles typically last much longer and candidates are fielded with multiple questions.

Fast forward 1 month – I received job offers from both Companies A and B on the same day. Both offers were more attractive and offers a good progression from my current job. God eventually led me to accept the role which I believe is His assignment for this season.

I have learnt 3 key lessons through this job search:
1. When we commit our concerns to God, He will address them based on the best timing (even if nothing seems to be moving)
2. Nothing can stop our Almighty God from fulfilling His plans for our lives (If God has meant something for us, it is a done deal).
3. Without surrendering ourselves to God, we can achieve nothing. I would like to thank Pastor Wendy for praying alongside with me at critical junctures of my interview. As I wrote this testimony, I felt prompted to share the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, Trust His Heart: God is too wise to be mistaken 
God is too good to be unkind
 So when you dont understand
 When you dont see His plan
When you cant trace His hand 
Trust His heart. He sees the master plan
 He holds the future in His hand,
So don’t live as those who have no hope,
 All our hope is found in Him. All glory to God!
- Wilson

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