Experience God’s Love

I have recently given birth and would like to share my experience of Gods love during my pregnancy. May it encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ.

During the early stage of my pregnancy, I had spotting. It lasted for a few months. I visited a gynaecologist and was told I had fibroids. Not sure if that was the reason for spotting, I was given hormone tablets which I took for a few months but still the spotting didnt stop. One day, I approached Pastor Lynette for prayer. She prayed over me and at the end of the prayer she told me she saw my baby in a bubble. Baby was in a safe place. I went back with that in mind. I went for further check-ups and realised I have a type of blood disorder and an abnormal womb shape. These results caused me to worry more and I was scared.

One evening while I was preparing dinner, I suddenly bled very heavily. I cried thinking I was going to lose this child. Not knowing what to do, I cried, calling my husband, my mom and my friend. My friend rushed down to send me to the hospital. While waiting for her, I felt so helpless, thinking of the worse scenario. I asked God for help. This sense of helplessness was too much. I realised nothing I did could make me keep or lose this child. When the doctor finally arrived, she scanned and told me Baby was active. I felt relieved for that moment. I was prescribed stronger hormone tablets. Finally, the spotting ended in my 5th month of pregnancy. I didnt dare to walk much and had to work from home. Thank God for my understanding bosses.
Throughout the pregnancy, I experienced times of sadness, negativity and worrying. I prayed every morning asking Him for His blessing to be worry-free, protection against illnesses and not-too-long labour. Thankfully, God blessed me. I also asked God for an obvious sign to know when the time was due for labour, as there can be many signs.

The time finally arrived, and I had slight bleeding. This was an obvious sign. I was in labour for 8 hours. It was such an excruciating pain, and worried I may faint, I asked for an epidural. It eased the pain but also numbed my senses till I did not know where to exert the push. The doctor kept telling me I did not push hard enough and I did not push correctly. But I could not feel anything. When the doctor told me my babys heart rate was dropping, I was once again fearing the loss of my child. I prayed, Lord, I need Your divine intervention. I cannot do this alone. Then I heard someone say, Can see already! Push harder, only you can do it now. I pushed as hard as I could and Baby was delivered. I was so touched by Gods amazing love. It has to be Gods hands because I know I was still not pushing right.

This is the start of motherhood and there are more challenges ahead. I am trusting God for strength and perseverance to do it right.

I would like to request for prayer for my breast milk production, that it will improve so I can feed my baby exclusively on it. Thank you. – Alina

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