Join a Cellgroup


Joining A Cell Group
The community is made up of cells or small groups of people coming together to learn and grow, and together the cells move out to bless the people around us. The cell is thus not only about programmes or events, but is about life – life transformation within the cells as the members encounter God and then sharing that kind of life with others! It’s about experiencing God’s power and love, and inviting others to have the same.

Most of our cells meet weekly and fortnightly. The composition of the members range from the youth to senior members, and are mainly clustered according to the different phases of life. For example if you are a family with children, you can choose to join a cell where the parents will meet while the kids are also having their own time. Or some may prefer a ladies group for deeper bonding and sharing. The meeting places also varies from homes of members to the church grounds.

If you are ready to join us, click here and share with us the relevant information to help us find the closest match for you. Or email for more information

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