Glory to the Lord for His mercy, healing and loving kindness!

In May 2012, my friend noticed that my abdomen looked bloated and advised me to seek medical consultation.

I went to the Polyclinic and was referred to the KK hospital for a scan. After the scan, I was found to have 3 fibroids, 1 cyst and my endometrium was rather thick for a post-menopausal person. After several follow-up scans, I was advised to go for a biopsy. With the medical advice, I did not feel at ease and decided to seek a second opinion from a private doctor in June 2013. He too advised me to do a surgery to remove them.

During the sermons in church, I prayed and pleaded with the Lord for healing and not have to go through any surgery. I made my pleas to the Lord with many “whys”. Many times I would put my hand on the affected areas during the calls by our pastors for healing. My cell group also prayed for me.

Still going for regular scans and with the doctors kept telling me to go for the operation, I kept praying that these unwanted tissues would be reduced or disappear with the Lord’s touch. In April 2015 I was told to go for financial counselling by KK Hospital for the operation. Then, my cousin also recommended me to a Christian TCM practitioner. She prescribed medicine for me to take. I told her that I was still praying for healing from the Lord. After many rounds of medication, she was happy to feel the fibroids going smaller and smaller.

It was 6 years back and the Lord heard me and healed me. Thank you, Lord, for your healing touch! As one sister wrote me this as confirmation – “any sickness and disease will not prevail over you”.

Last August 2017 – my left eye started seeing rainy vision for a week. I went to the Polyclinic and was immediately referred to TTSH Eye Clinic. After checking, the doctor diagnosed it as a retinal tear and it would need a laser surgery. Everything happened so fast during that afternoon and by evening the laser surgery was done. I just prayed that the doctor would do a good job with the Lord’s guiding hands. After that, I had to go for post surgery check-ups and last month, the doctor said the eye was good and he would see me in one year’s time. Glory to the Lord for His mercy, healing and loving kindness! – Swee Kim

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