God Provided Me with a Job

I was having problems finding a job after my graduation since June 2017. I applied for more than 600 jobs, had a few interviews and was rejected on countless occasions. On Sunday, 11 February before going to church, I had a dream of myself walking around aimlessly. I saw my head had a cut around my brain and I could see my brain. I was afraid that it would drop out. Then I heard a voice repeating many times “Change your mind” over and over again. Next, the voice told me “Change your brain” and offered me a new brain. Lastly, the voice told me “Change your head”.

I woke up and went to church really confused about the dream but I knew it was from God. During the service, Ps Irene prayed for “Those people who have been applying for a job but have been rejected over and over again”. She prayed for such people to receive a letter of appointment.

I went home and after a few hours, I received a message from a new Christian friend that there was a job opportunity so I sent an email to the boss of the company. Within 9 minutes of sending the email, he called me and chatted with me for 11 minutes. All he told me was the description of the job and that he wanted me to work the next day even without meeting me face-to-face. I was hesitant and he told me that he would find someone else if I did not give an answer soon.

Suddenly, I remembered my dream where I was told, “Change your mind”. As a very cautious person, I would always consider many options before doing something. I then realised that I had to put my faith in God.

The next day, I went to the interview with the bosses and I prayed before that for guidance. What struck me were the words my current boss mentioned. He told me “I am looking for people with good attitude, mind and mindset.” I took the job immediately because I believed God spoke to me in the dream and was telling me in advance that this job was mine.

The company decided I would be a part-timer for 2 to 3 months. However, after 3 days of working, they decided to offer me a contract to be a permanent staff and increase my pay. I was stunned. My boss told me that they were impressed with my marketing ideas, and hence the decision.
I am really thankful that God has helped guide me and allowed me to be in a company which is rooted in Christian teachings and most employees are believers in Jesus.

After the Chinese New Year holidays, I received my letter of appointment from the company and I became a permanent staff. I have finally found a job after 8 months from graduating! Every day when I wake up, I look forward to my job and I always think about God’s goodness and how He has provided me with this job. The pay may not be the best, but I enjoy what I do and the company of people I work with daily. Andre Chia

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