Learning from History

Jeanette Pang/

An understanding of biblical history plays a crucial role in deepening our personal relationships with God. Archaeology not only helps to authenticate and interpret biblical narratives, but also provides important background information for biblical events.
This was highlighted by Rev Dr Lim Kar Yong who was speaking during an Archaeology and the New Testament seminar held at PLMC on 1 April. His presentation, which was interspersed with pictures of places of biblical significance and artefacts, focused on Jesuss ministry in Israel and Pauls journey in Greece.

Dr Lim shared his insights on the town of Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus had spent the most time. He gave several examples of how archaeological evidence has shed light on biblical events. One interesting case was Jesus healing of the paralyzed man in Peters house in Mark 2:1-12.

Dr Lim concluded his talk with Pauls warning letter to the church in Laodicea mentioned in Rev 3: 14-22. The people in Laodicea were unwilling to yield to God as they were wealthy and proud. On this, Dr Lim put a question to the audience: Do we pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency and forget about relying on God in our lives?

Look out for the follow up posts which will feature some of the fascinating insights Dr Lim shared.

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