My recent trip to England for the birth of my eldest son’s first baby gave me an unmistakable glimpse of how prodigal God can be to His children.  “Having or giving something on a lavish scale,” is how the dictionary explains the word ‘prodigal’, aside from its more common association of being wastefully or recklessly extravagant.  And how Father God lavishly spoilt me!

First of all, my family made arrangements so that despite the long 14-hour flight to Heathrow airport, my flight would be hassle-free and restful (no jetlag either way!) so that I arrived in top condition to give postpartum help. And even though I arrived at the airport lugging nearly 50 kg of baggage, there was no shortage of hands reaching out to help me, right up to Daniel and Faith’s flat, and even to my own rented room in Cambridge. Fortuitously, ‘as lavished upon by my prodigal Father, Daniel had found this room which was within the same compound, just about 100m across the garden. My daily stroll at 6 am to and at 9 pm from the flat was a time filled with praise for God that chased away all fears of the dark and spooky.

Another sign of His goodness was how Sophie, my newborn granddaughter, was born around the time I arrived, even when she was not expected till a week later.  This maximised the time I could spend with her in her first month. The clearest sign of God’s lavish love was how I could magically cook confinement meals that Faith enjoyed and finished up, even though I had not been cooking for the last 40 years! God’s marvellous culinary help be praised! Not being able to get silkie chicken or garoupa in England was inconsequential as God helped me to improvise when making the meals. God be praised that the new mother could get the best nutrition to recover her health and to lactate more successfully! Despite warnings of below-zero late winter temperatures and snow, the temperature was mostly double-digit throughout my time there, sparing me the English chill. (After I left, Daniel reported a return to single-digit temperatures there!)

In the mild weather, I had the luxury of daily walks in this pretty university town to do the usual tourist things and have my afternoon coffee and cake. God indeed indulged the Anglophile in me. Even after my return to Singapore, I am assured of His continued extravagant blessings as Sophie is growing very well and Daniel has been granted approval to resume his doctoral studies back in Singapore. Soon, we will be reunited in June. Our prodigal Father God be praised!