Shielded by His Love

I would like to share a testimony on how God has protected our daughter, Gwen Yeo from grave danger when she was 2 years old.

Gwen was having her usual nap her bed was below a fluorescent tube lamp. My helper was doing her usual transferring of the laundry bamboo poles from the balcony area to the kitchen. In the process, she accidentally tilted the pole which smashed the fluorescent lamp. There was a loud crash as the fluorescent lamp instantly broke into a few hundred small sharp pieces that scattered around my daughters bed.

My wife and I were in the adjacent room. When we heard the loud crash, our hearts sank as we thought that she must be severely hurt! When we rushed out of our room, we were shocked by what we saw which is nothing short of a miracle of God:
Our daughter was still soundly asleep on her bed.
A few hundred sharp glass pieces were scattered around her body
Not a single piece of the shattered lamp hit my daughter. The closest pieces were a few cm away from her face/body.

As a science student of many years, I cannot solve the mystery of how my daughter could be protected from hurt caused by any of the few hundred pieces that broke from a 1-meter-long lamp which was directly above her body. When I examined how the pieces were scattered around her body, it appeared there was a mysterious force that repelled the shattered glass from her body. Furthermore, my daughter is extremely sensitive to noise (especially loud or high pitched sounds) and it seems as though the force had also shielded her from the loud smash, such that she could still sleep soundly.

We believe that God had shielded our child in His love.

As we know it, there is no such a thing as 100% foolproof security in this world. Our only hope and security is in Christ who loves us and protects us in such times of danger. I hope this testimony will encourage all of us in our walk of faith in Him. – Wilson

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