I Believe God can Heal

I had a lump in my left breast in 2003. Every day I prayed. I did not see a doctor. I believe God can heal. I have been suffering from high blood pressure since I was 21. I was being treated by Dr CC Khoo at Gleneagles. On 31 March this year, I visited Korea where I felt giddy on the last two days I was there. When I came back, I fell down twice. I was worried so I went for a full check-up. The blood test showed that my cancer markers were very high. Dr Khoo referred me to a consultant surgeon at Gleneagles. I went through about 10 scans. All the scans were negative, except for my left breast. The surgeon said that it was amazing that my breast cancer did not spread. I told him God did the miracle. On 27 May, I had my lump removed after a 3-hour operation. Before the operation, Swee Hoon and my Salt cell members, Richard, Vivian and Daniel came to pray for me. I had peace. I stayed in the hospital for a week. My wound was about 10 inches under my armpit. Every week, I went to change my dressing. My wound dried up in one month. I would like to thank all the Pastors of PLMC, Rev Reuben Ng from Toa Payoh Methodist Church, Alice Yeo, members of the PrayerNet, Wisdom and Salt Cell members, who prayed for me. Thank you to our Abba Father who has healed me. – Shirley Chua

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