God Send His Angels

My Jehovah Jireh sent angels to my rescue on Sunday, 27 July when I drove into the church carpark. Our church caretaker, my first angel, Uncle James spotted my punctured tyre. He took the initiative to ask a church member for help in changing the tyre. Peter, my second angel gladly helped. A third angel – another church member whom I regretfully forgot to ask for his name – came along to help too. When they had finished, both were sweating profusely. I was so thankful yet I felt bad for having troubled them. THANK YOU SO MUCH my brothers in Christ!! Thank God for also sending other angels, my cell group friends – Ronald and Joseph – who offered further help. PLMC is indeed a blessed family called to bless, which is clearly evident in this tyre-changing testimony. All Glory to God! Once again, a big Thank you to the five brothers in Christ. You have been Godsend! – Yvonne Ng

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