Thank God for the Miracle

On 18/6/2017 Sunday, Pastor Irene Thung, during her sermon called for those who wanted a miracle to stand up and she would pray for us. I stood up. That morning two miracles happened to me. After the service I went up to Pastor Irene to pray for healing of the stiff muscle on my two upper arms. The nerve to the muscle was damaged during my spine operation in 2012. I went for western and eastern treatment but could not be healed. As Pastor Irene held my arms and prayed for healing I felt something touch my right arm. After the service I felt the stiffness on my right arm was gone as I walked out of the Sanctuary. Praise the Lord!

My wife and I then went for lunch. On the way back I was driving along Braddell Expressway on the center lane and I saw a car coming in from the slip road at high speed like he was making a U turn. All of a sudden, I saw the car fly across the front of my car in a straight line missing my car by inches. I was so shocked I did not press my brake. I looked through my rear view and saw the car hit the road barrier, spin around and fly up and land a few feet behind my car right across the road. Had my car hit his car or had his car landed on my car, my wife and I would be seriously injured. It was a real miracle. I was so shocked and my heart was beating so fast I did not stop to see what happened to the car or the driver. The thought I had was to go back to church to pray to God and thank Him for the miracle. As I came out of the Sanctuary I was happy to see Pastor Irene and Pastor Christopher Chin at the Plaza. I told them what happened and they prayed for me and thanked God for the miracle. – Testimony of a miracle by Teo Hong Mong

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