The Lump Disappeared

My sister and I participated in the recent 81st Anniversary Service. She was in the choir and I was playing in the band. About a week before the Service, my sister felt led to ask my grandparents, who are pre-believers, to attend the Anniversary Service. Surprisingly, they agreed. We rallied our cell groups to pray with us during the week leading to that Sunday.

Our grandparents attended the Service and afterwards my grandfather commented that the service was boring. I was discouraged. However, two weeks later, my grandmother told my mother that during the intercession time of the Service, pastor mentioned about someone having pain in the right knee and she identified with the need.

She had a painful lump on her right knee that prevented her from bending her knee. So she, as a pre-believer, joined in the prayer for healing. After the prayer, the lump disappeared immediately and she was really shocked. Previously she had problems wearing her clothes especially her pants because she couldn’t bend her knee but she now didn’t have difficulty doing that.

Now she is eager to go back to church and even told my grandfather the whole story. Praise be to God for His faithfulness in answering our prayers. We continue to pray that God will draw them unto Himself.
– Jerome Lim

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