The Parenting Teenagers Course

The Parenting Teenagers Course (Alpha) was conducted over five Fridays in February and March 2017. Thirty-two enthusiastic participants listened to DVD by Nicky and Silas Lee and took part in small group discussions facilitated by our church members.

Here are two testimonies from the facilitators:

As an educator,I am very interested in the nurturing and development of teenagers. Therefore last year when I saw the call for facilitators, I somehow felt that this was a ministry I could be involved in. I prayed about it and God convicted me.

I have facilitated in 3 rounds of workshops one for The Parenting Children Course and two for The Parenting Teenagers Course.

Every round was a learning experience for me.I learn to affirm and support the parents desire and effort to raise their children the best ways they can and know how.I learn humility as I listen to their sharing oftheir joy and struggles.

But most importantly, this workshop allows us to share about Gods love and purpose in their lives and the lives of their children. It is a good platform not only to equip the Christian parents with the parenting skills but also to draw pre-believers to God. My cousin attended the recent Parenting Teenagers workshop and was very pleased with it. I hope to leverage on that bring her to church soon. – Chng Swee Pheck

As a facilitator, I found that it is not about me giving all the expert tips or solutions I do not have all the answers. It is really about allowing God to use each of the participants unique parenting experiences to encourage one another.

One parent shared about how he attended a short course on contemporary art so that he can better relate to his son who is very interested in the Arts. Another parent shared about how he set boundaries on his sons computer and internet usage and eventually able to find harmony in their relationship. Another parent shared about how the course has helped her communicate with her daughter by being an emphatic listener rather than being judgmental. Other participants benefit from hearing such stories of those who are facing or overcoming similar or bigger issues. They bring comfort and inspire other parents with renewed hope and understanding to move on.

I am touched to see parents going away refreshed and equipped to face the challenges of parenting their teens. – Choi Chik Cheong

Those who are interested to be a facilitator for future parenting courses, please contact Serene at 93807578.

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