Truly God cares for all that He has created

Truly God cares for all that He has created. He restored the hind legs of Cocoa, our eight-year old mini dachshund, from a severe slipped disc. Cocoa suddenly couldn’t move her hind legs and was whimpering in pain one day. The veterinarian confirmed her spine had collapsed and suggested immediate surgery in the hope that she will not be paralyzed. Two weeks after surgery, Cocoa still couldn’t move. We continued to ask family and friends to pray. We laid hands on her and spoke strength into her spine and her hind legs. Cocoa had to be confined and massaged daily; we also did physiotherapy. However by the 4th week, she was standing up on all fours and within days, she was jumping out of the big box she had been put in. The veterinarian called it miraculous when Cocoa went for her check-up. Statistically, Cocoa has defied the odds by God’s merciful intervention. Today, Cocoa is back to normal, spinning around whenever she is waiting to be fed, flipping onto her back for belly rubs and scratching her ears with her left hind leg! We continue to praise and thank our awesome heavenly Father for healing our little pet dog. – Saybeng & Yeenfong

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