Rebuilding PLMC’s Dance Ministry

We are calling members young and not so young, men and women who-have some dance background or experience in movement and dance to come and join us to rebuild the PLMC Dance and Flags Team. The recent pandemic has impacted this ministry but we are convince that dance is an area of ministry unto the Lord as an expression of worship and we want to see this ministry rise up from the ashes again.

Worship & Music Ministry

The Worship & Music Ministry is a core ministry in the worship life of the church. With the many services that we have , we need musicians and singers to serve and meet the growing needs of the various worship services. If you play an instrument, can sing in pitch and have a passionate desire to worship God, you are exactly who we are looking for and need in this ministry. If you think you are a little rusty and out of practice – please do not let that stop you from volunteering as we have training workshop to help get you back into shape.

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