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PLMC is looking for suitable candidates to join the staff team in the following positions

Director of Missions



  • Report to the Pastor overseeing Missions, the incumbent assists the Missions Committee to develop a long-range missions strategy that includes missions area focus, financial and programme development goals.
  • Co-ordinate missions activity with all other committees of the Church and utilise overlapping interests to help create a connection between the Church community and missions partners locally and overseas
  • Develop relationships with other churches and organisations to encourage and assist them in developing a more vibrant and active missions program
  • Serve as the conduit between the missions committee and the Church office
  • Initiate, advance and maintain communication for programme promotion, organisation and execution to the congregation regarding missions campaigns, visiting missionaries, mission trips and all other missions related events
  • Maintain a missions committee database of all mission events and trip attendees with the intent of maintaining ongoing communication and involvement while assisting in retaining personal connections with mission partners
  • Identify, equip and develop logistical and spiritual mission leaders for the future while encouraging current leaders and assisting in their continued development
  • Lead, direct and co-ordinate mission trips while seeking to identify future leaders from the pool of volunteers. Train, equip and support current and future leaders in their trip endeavours
  • Encourage and nurture returning mission trip team members to remain connected, and to involve them in further missions work
  • Assist the missions committee to review, prepare and present an annual budget
  • Oversee and handle the missions financial disbursements based on approved budget
  • Oversee and coordinate all missions activities regarding scheduling and communications between the missions committee, the Church office and missions volunteers
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Pastor-in-Charge


  • Bachelor’s degree with 3 or more years of missions experience preferred
  • A mature Christian faith and commitment to the Christian life
  • Proven leadership experience with strong verbal and written skills
  • Able to travel overseas for missions trips and meetings with missions partners

Director/Senior Ministry Staff for Youth Ministry


Job Scope
The incumbent reports to the Pastor-in-charge and the Pastor overseeing Youth to align the youth ministry with the focus and direction of PLMC. He/she will build a strong foundation for progression into Church community life through cells.

He/she will provide pastoral care to the youths and adult volunteers, equip all Leaders in the teaching of God’s Word and discipleship. Participation in Sunday church duties is expected.


  • Plan and execute the direction, strategies and vision of the Youth ministry. This is done in consultation with the Pastor overseeing Youth.
  • Provide pastoral care, love and counseling for the youths so they are sustained through the challenges of life.
  • Manage the development and recruitment of leaders (cells, cluster leaders, adult leaders and assistant cell Leaders) in consultation with the Pastor overseeing Youth.
  • Manage and oversee the adult volunteers/mentors/teachers.
  • Manage the connection and regular communications between the Church and the Youth ministry.
  • Develop, coach and mentor young people.
  • Manage the planning and the execution of major events in the Youth ministry.
  • Oversee the discipleship and health of the cells.
  • Visit youth cells/groups to provide coaching and mentoring to leaders.
  • Responsible for the placement and integration of new members
  • Formulate strategies on leadership renewal with the Pastor overseeing Youth
  • Oversee and ensure smooth transition points for young people into the youth ministry and Church life
  • Oversee all sub-ministries in the Youth ministry
  • Any other duties as assigned by the Pastor-in-Charge


  • Bachelor’s degree with at least 5 years of experience in youth-related work
  • Experience in working with young people preferred
  • Passion for working with young people
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effective skills in motivating, counseling and building a team

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