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Prayer Focus 同心祷告

Let us seek the Lord together and bring before Him these prayer pointers and ministry concerns.

Table of Contents

40.Day Prayer Season 2024 (LoveSingapore)

Join the 40.Day Prayer Season from July 1 to August 9, engaging believers from all walks of life in prayer for the nation.

Follow their pages for updates:
Website: lovesingapore.org.sg
YouTube: youtube.com/lovesingaporeonline
Facebook: facebook.com/lovesingapore.org.sg
Instagram: instagram.com/lovesingaporeonline


14 July 2024

As one church family, we invite you to pray continually for our Year of Engagement (2024) as we continue seeking to bless the community and the nations.

Prayer Focus: MISSIONS
The main focus to pray for the countries and missions partners – PLMC is currently involved in. 
1. Countries:
A. South Asia
B. South East Asia
C. Central Asia
D. East Asia

Prayer requests:
Let us pray for
a. Opportunities for evangelism and for the establishment of local churches among unreached people and raising local believers to reach and disciple new believers.
b. Hearts of the people to be responsive towards the Gospel.
c. Safety and provision of our missionaries and missions partners working among the unreached people that they be protected from harm, their needs are provided for and for wisdom, strength and resilience in the face of challenges and discouragements.
d. Spiritual awakening and revival among the unreached people, asking God to pour out His Spirit in power and draw many to Himself.

2. Our Missionaries, missioners and missionary interns:
Prayer requests:
Let us pray for:
a. Growing and strong relationship with God, maintaining a posture of spiritual restfulness, maturity in the faith, and overflow of the Spirit
b. Healthy physical and emotional well-being, stable financial support, strong family life and wisdom in handling stressful conditions.
c. Courage and obedience to the Spirit’s leading in the advancement of the gospel in their work and ministry.
d. Prayer, encouragement, care and friendship from their Cell, friends and congregation – so that they will find joy and strength in the Lord’s work through these
support networks.

3. Our Congregation members – who are physically ill or recuperating from illness, emotionally distressed, spiritually struggling, and socially disenfranchised – that they will experience God’s powerful presence and abound in God’s grace and hope.

Pray for their local friendships, for open hearts, and transformed lives. “At the same time, pray also for us, that God may open to us a door for the word, to declare the mystery of Christ” (Colossians 4:3, ESV).

Pray for the country, government, and the local people. “But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare” (Jeremiah 29:7, ESV)
a. ministry
b. family
c. personal wellbeing




  • Pray for BL as they conduct a youth camp.  Pray for the youth to encounter God.

  • Pray for the family camp that will be conducted by BL and their cell group.  Pray for marriages to be transformed.

  • Pray for the fathering movement, that have spread to five cities, to penetrate and transform society.


YWAM: Dan & Esther

  • Pray for Dan & Esther: – that God’s purposes to be fulfilled in and through them during their final quarter of their training attachment and, for their long-term work.

  • Pray for Dan & Esther’s growing family as Esther is now 4 months pregnant.



Wycliffe Singapore: Grace Tan

  •  Praise God Grace’s brother, Russel’s health has improved and he is able to walk with help.  Pray that he will be able to main or improve further.

  •  Pray for Grace’s sister and family’s trip back to Singapore that they are able to have clarity for the future and a blessed time with family and friends.


Navigators Singapore: Roger Yeo & Pearlyn Pang

  •  Pray for Roger, Pearlyn, Kevin, Johan, Kristine, Joel Loh and Joel Tio to grow in faith, hope and love even as they labour together for the gospel; embracing fully the grace that have come for our sakes – Col 1:3-6.

  •  Pray that God would continue to bring techies whose hearts are ready for the gospel into Roger & Pearlyn’s sphere of influence.  Pray for lasting fruit – John 15:16.


YWAM Singapore: Nicole Lim

  •  Pray for provision and restoration of the local team’s building in the Land of Ishmael after the fire.

  • Pray for Nicole, God’s grace and progress in her language learning journey.

  •  Pray for Nicole and 400+ people serving tirelessly in preparation for a global gathering in Philippines.


WEC Singapore: Angel Tan

  • Pray for Angel and her family’s transition as they wrap up their time in USA and looking into their job/ministry outlook in Singapore.

  •  Pray for God’s provision of a place to live from 12 July to 15 August when they return until their apartment’s tenancy ends.

  •  Pray for continued good development for the baby in Angel.


YWAM Singapore: Rachel Ong

  •  Pray for Spirit-led preparation for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) starting in July 2024.   

  •  Pray for Rachel to have a blessed time of fellowship with her sister & family who are visiting from overseas.

  •   Pray for Rachel, a good transition staying at the YWAM base from late June 2024.



East Asia: TK

  •  Pray for TK and family’s needs – spiritually, financially, physically, academically and God’s protection and guidance.

  •  Pray for the eight students and two young missionaries who will serve on campus next semester.  Also pray for God’s protection for 3 more teams who are preparing their teams to work with TK.

  •  Pray for C, D, S and H’s faith to grow, so that they can be the next student leaders.


East Asia:  Songs

  •  Pray for more workers to join the Songs in the harvest field.  And for the Songs to meet with and recruit the right workers.

  • Pray for the TAN workers to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves – Matthew 10:16.


East Asia: Mongolia Living Faith Church

  • Please pray for church growth in quality and quantity.

  • Please pray for God’s protection and good health over our family members.

  • Please pray for the monthly mission trips to Umnudelger and Nalaikh. Please pray that church members and leaders can be encouraged by the visits.


South Asia:  GEMS

  • Pray for GEMS and for the safety of all the workers, pastors, evangelists and staff.

  • Pray for His protection to surround them all as they press on, doing His kingdom’s work.

  • Pray for God’s providence for their needs and support.


South Asia:  CCI Bangladesh

  • Pray for the CCI tentmakers program as they equip themselves for the field.

  • Pray that new believers will stand firm in faith and to serve the Lord faithfully amid persecution.


Central Asia: C&M

Praise God:

  • C&M’s has had safe travels in Canada and in the USA in May. They preached the gospel and encouraged the Kyrgyz believers in clubs in Chicago. They had also met with other Central Asian people. Praise God for His provision, and their agency leaders, all the prayer support for their ministry, and their family. They also want to praise God for their health and for their ability to worship Him everyday.


  • Pray C&M’s safety in their travels, smooth flights, provision for all their needs and their continued dependence on God for His leading in their ministry direction.

  • Pray for two couples who are preparing to join the team.  Pray for the approval of their visas.


Silver Boxes

  • We thank God for a fruitful time at the Church Camp (9 to 12 June 2024). They had encounters with the Lord and testified how they enjoyed the Camp. Deeper friendships were built and Silver Boxes became a friendlier and safer place for the children, because they got to know one another better at the Camp.
  • We pray for our upcoming celebration of our 92nd Church Anniversary. May each child encounter Jesus and experience His goodness and love through the programmes planned for them.
  • Pray for our Hope of the Heart Workshop for our Primary 5 and Primary 6 children. May each child realise that they are made in God’s image and that He has the best plan for them. Pray for each parent and child who attend the session, to grow closer to one another, and with the Lord.

Sonshine Kids

  • We thank God for a fruitful time during our planning retreat on 15 June, for the second half of the year.
  • We thank God for the 31 children from Sonshine Kids who will be attending the 20th Sonshine Kids anniversary at Skypark@Cineleisure on 6 July.
  • Pray for our upcoming National Day Outreach to our Outreach centres, that will be held on 10 August.


  • We thank God for the 21 persons who were baptised and three who reaffirmed their faith on 23 Jun 2024. Let us continue to pray for them to grow deeper in their discipleship in Christ.
  • We thank God for the 32 persons who were received into the membership of PLMC. Let us continue to pray for their spiritual growth as they deepen their commitment to Christ and to the local assembly. May they devote themselves to follow Christ and to the growth of the body of Christ.


Dearest friends and co-labourers of God, 

I greet you in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Please pray along with me:

O God our Heavenly Father, we thank you that you are a God who hears our prayers. We praise you as a living God who only wants what is best for all that you have created – for those of us who are privileged to be in your Kingdom, and also for those who have yet to receive and enter your Kingdom. We pray, O God, for all the people whom we are serving and ministering to in the Community.

We pray that the children and teachers in Hope Student Care Centre will be able to find some rest and recreation during the June school holidays. We know that they have been working hard prior to this. We also know that those who will be taking their PSLE this year will start to get very busy after these holidays. So, we humbly ask that you give them times of refreshing. We pray especially that you watch over them when they spend time going on excursions and recreational activities. We pray that when they come to church for their day-camp, they will be filled with an awareness of you and of your Son Jesus Christ. Help our youth who are organising the camp to show them your love as we spend time together for the first time in such a long while! Thank you for this opportunity, Heavenly Father.

We pray for the needy families in Blk 223A Serangoon Ave 4, Blk 8 Lor Lew Lian, and in Blks 201-210 Serangoon Central. We pray that as we continue to bring them their breakfasts and the essential food items, their hearts will be softened enough to want to receive and enter your Kingdom. We also pray for the residents in the Joint Singles Scheme units of Blk 208A Woodleigh Link and Blk 999A Buangkok Crescent. We thank you that they have happily and gratefully received our breakfast blessings. They are receptive to our love, so we ask that you touch their hearts so that they will know we love because you first loved us. Help them to realise that you love them, too, and that you want them to come into a relationship with you. Give us the boldness to speak your Word into them and to let them know about the salvation they may obtain through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


We pray for all the elderly whom we minister to in the three St Luke’s Eldercare Centres in Serangoon, Hougang (Lor Ah Soo), Hougang Meadow, and in ECON Medicare Centre on Recreation Road. We have heard news of a new wave of COVID infections and how the elderly are especially vulnerable to falling ill. We pray that you will protect all of our elderly friends from the COVID virus, O God. And for those who have been infected, we ask that you heal them quickly. Do not let them suffer too much from the symptoms and bring them to full restoration of good health.


Heavenly Father, I also ask that you bless the work of the hands of all of our co-workers, who give their time and energy to bring your blessings to the people in our community. Give them the rest that they need after they have done the good works for you. And help them to see the fruits of their labour, as more and more choose to enter your glorious Kingdom.

We pray all these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!



坐在天上的主啊!我向你举目。仆人的眼睛怎样望着主人的手,婢女的眼睛怎样望着主母的手,我们的眼睛也照样望着耶和华我们的 神,直到他向我们施恩。





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