Why be Baptised?

  1. Sacrament of Baptism.
    Through baptism we are initiated into Christ’s holy church and incorporated into God’s mighty acts of salvation and given new birth through water and the spirit. All this is God’s gift, offered to us without price (United Methodist Hymnal, Baptismal Covenant).
  2. Identity in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    When we are joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined Him in His death. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives (Romans 6:3-4).

Why be a member?

  1. Expression of God & His Values
    When you were born again, you automatically become a member of God’s Kingdom. But you also need to become a local expression of His family – His values, character & priorities.
  2.  Commitment to God & His Family
    Membership proves you are committed to your spiritual brothers & sisters. God calls us to love all people, not just ideal people. Being a member of the Church underlines your commitment to Christ & His commands.

What is covered in the Baptism & Membership Class?

  1. Vision & Mission of PLMC
  2. 6 Cultures and DNA of PLMC
  3. The Sacraments
  4. Fundamental Beliefs based on Heb 6:1-2
  5. Methodist Organisation & Our Responsibilities

*There is also a compulsory Ministry Weekend covering Sozo (for spiritual formation & inner healing) and the Holy Spirit Encounter.

Intention to be a PLMC Member means that in the last 6 months, you have been:

  1. Praying for PLMC
  2. Present at the PLMC worship Services
  3. Giving towards PLMC needs and projects
  4. Serving in PLMC and will continue to do so

Prerequisites for Membership?

  1. Baptised in the faith
  2.  Already participate in PLMC Cell group for at least 3 months or ready to join one for Christian Community and discipleship

Transferring from other churches?

  1. Write letter to your pastor to indicate your intention of your transfer

Why be Baptised?

  1. A mark of God’s grace
    In Infant Baptism, we clearly see the objectivity of the gospel that initiative of His love comes from God and is not based on our human behavior.
  2. A response of our faith
    The parents affirms on behalf of their child the need for repentance and faith which are the conditions for the new birth to take place. Thus the parents (with the Church) are further encouraged to raise their child in the ways of the Lord.

What is covered in the Class?

  1. Meaning of Infant Baptism
    Understanding the consistency through portions of scripture
  2. Parental Responsibility
    Understanding the entrusted roles and responsibilities to raise children in the Lord.

For more information, please email Andy or call the Church Office at 6285 1234 during office hours.

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